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Well Hello There

Well, hello anyone still there?  I havent posted once for the past couple of years. Super bad blogger, bad bad bad.  Even though I've been gone there people stopping by ~ frequently!
It is interesting to me to see how many people stop by my old blog. Blogger provides a built in stats reader and it is awesome.  I am sure that I am not even using it to its full capacity.
It shows where you are from, who you are, what you look at, and so much more.  
Thanks for stopping by!!!  Sorry I havent been around!!!
If you stop by please leave a howdy in the comment section.
Are you a blogger?
If so do you have a stats reader and use it?
How long have you had your blog?
If you stopped blogging why did you stop or take an indefinite break?

Have a great day and hope to hear from you.

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