Goodbye Quilt

I sold my first quilt at my shop ~ hugs and kisses.

It was an amazing feeling, an amazing combination of feelings. I was so excited as it made me feel like a big girl quilter girl. It was exciting that this little girl was going to get an amazing quilt for her to love and cuddle. Being Mom approved is a big bonus too. But it also made me sad.

That surprised me. Sad? I really liked this quilt. I almost didn't put it up for sale. I liked it that much. I don't know if it was the fabric, Moda Urban Chik Dream On, or the perfect backing match of a super duper soft flannel in a green plaid, but whatever the case it turned out perfect and that doesn't happen often.

Or sure some turn out nice or ho-hum but this was perfectJ It's at its new home being loved by it's new owner a sweet little girl. Do you ever get attached to something you have created?

Soon there will be having a new quilt listed at my store. It isn't as big as the last one but just as nice.

Here is a peek of the fabric used ~~~~ Moda's Make Life Simple

I also did a little something different on the back, at least for me. I like to think of it being two quilts in one.

Remember when I mentioned about all of my WIP's? Well I am starting to work on one. I call it the retro cowboys. This was started a few years ago. I can't believe I am admitting this but I can't even remember what or find the pattern being used. Just as bad I don't even remember the name of the material. It was bought at my LQS but there is no way I would ask them ~ too embarrassing! Once it is finished it will go to my sister. I think her boys will really enjoy.

For all of the yarn lovers out there here is what I am working on for my sister.

This yarn is incredibly soft and a great pleasure to work with. It was found at my local AC Moores on sale. I found the pattern while cruising around Ravelry. I just love that website. If you have never been over there you should really sign up. It has really helped my knitting/crocheting skills grow. I warn you it can be addicting.

Can't say goodbye yet without mentioning my store ~ hugs and kisses. Here is a great one of a kind minkee blanket ~ ready to ship! Perfect size for everything from stroller time to cuddle time. Mention "BlogOffer" and receive a 20% off at check out.

For full disclosure: Offer expires December 20, 2010 midnight EST

Have a great day!


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