Turkey Recipe No. 2 ~ Turkey Noodle Soup

It looks like there are many recipes for Turkey Soup out there, I mean a real lot. And guess what? I am going to add one more.

I love soup and I will be posting plenty of soup recipes throughout the winter months. Poor Mr. S. gets soup all winter long, lunch and/or dinner. He doesn't complain because I think he is definitely coming over to my side, the soup side.
One thing I like about making soup after cooking a turkey is that you get a lot, so much that you get to freeze some for later. Turkeys are so awesome that way, plenty of bang for the buck.
In my experience - hee hee I can't help but think of a judge on the show The Good Wife who would demand the attorneys to say that phrase after each argument – okay back on tract.
In my experience to get a really good broth you want to cook the carcass slow for a few hours. Add in an onion chunked up, s&p, a in this case poultry seasoning.
Now let is simmer for a few hours and let the wonderful aroma fill your house….mmmm.
Next comes the part that isn't my favorite part at all ~ deboning the carcass. Everything is hot so I run the cold water gently while taking the meat off the bones. The cold water helps to cool my fingers. All the meat goes into a separate bowl, the bones thrown out, as well as the onion. Now all that is left in the pot is the broth.
I really like to strain this whereas some people don't. It is up to you strain or no strain. If you choose to strain then put the broth back into the pot when you are done.
Add to the broth in the pot: 1 onion chopped, 3 carrots sliced, 3 stalks of celery sliced, 1 cup of fresh beans or 1 can of canned beans, turkey meat that was pulled off.
Depending upon how much broth you got from earlier add water so that all the ingredients are covered by a good couple of inches. Now let all the ingredients marry. You will notice that I will say that when I write up my recipes.
Let this simmer for about twenty minutes while in another pot cook up some egg noodles. I have a reason for this. Cooking the noodles separate from the soup that is.
Noodles tend to get mushy before all the soup is finished.
So I keep them separate and serve it up like this. A scoop some noodles into a big bowl then a scoop of soup. I like mine with lots of broth whereas Mr. S likes lots of the meat and veggies.
Here is another reason why I do not like adding noodles to the soup. They don't freeze well, in my experience.
As I said I always freeze some soup in single and double servings for future times. It works great on the budget. I also love to give some away to special friends. It is good to shareJ

So that's how I roll with my Turkey Soup. I hope you enjoy!


~k said…
Looks really yummy! Perfect to eat when it's so cold outside!
Shannon said…
You are so right! There is nothing more cozy then cooking soup while its cold outside.

Thanks for stopping by!

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