No Ravelry Isnt Strange

Strange: unusual, extraordinary, estrange, alienated, different, or odd.

Ravelry: a website site for people who love to knit, crochet, spin yarn.

How the two wound up in an article in the Huffington Post is beyond my understanding. But that is exactly what has happened in this article by Catherine Smith posted back on November 10, 2010 The 19 Strangest Social Networks on the Web.

I am an understanding person and I am trying to understand how Ms. Smith was able to combine the two above definitions. Maybe she isn't into crafting especially of the yarn sort. And maybe Ms. Smith isn't into crafting at all. Maybe Ms. Smith hasn't visited the website nor has she interviewed the creators or attendees of the site to really know if this is a strange site. I am not sure what her qualifications where to categorize Ravelry as strange.

But let's try to be a little more giving and say okay, she thinks it's strange, fine, but to lump into a category along with other websites such as: Line for Heaven, Vampire Freaks, My Free Implants, or Lost Zombie, or even Café Mom makes it hard to understand and not dismiss this article as pure fluff nonsense.

Ms. Smith gets paid for this non-sense? Wow, I am sure there are thousands of people out there that would love to get paid for non-sense.

What is Ravelry? It is a great website. Developed by a very nice couple who had a love for yarn kind of stuff, it has expanded to over 1,000,000 users. It is a great place for people to develop their skill or to learn a skill in the yarn field. It is a place to find all sorts of wonderful and interesting patterns. It also has been a place where people have developed friendships.

What is so weird about that?

Me thinks that Ms. Smith and her boss need to get a little reprimand and counsel about research before printing an article.

Go and check out Ravelry ~ it's great fun!

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