Weekly Menu

I never seem to make exactly everything on my menu but it does help to achieve some goals we are reaching for such as:  cleaning out the freezers, spending as little as possible on groceries while still eating healthy, and eating at restaurants only on special occasions thereby save us a little bit of money.
Recipe for the Apple Muffins will be posted later this week.  

 Breakfast:  Oatmeal, toast w/ homemade jam
 Lunch:  Toasted Tuna Sandwiches, Cut up Watermelon

 Breakfast:  Apple Muffins, yogurt w/ fruit
 Lunch:  Tuna on Rye Crisp, salad
 Dinner:  Left over soup and rolls

 Lunch:  PB & J sandwiches, chips
 Dinner:  Café Rio Cx Salad

 Breakfast:  Apple muffins, yogurt w/ fruit
 Lunch:  Left overs from last night
 Dinner:  Chicken Penne Casserole  **this recipe makes one extra for the freezer for another time  ~ score!**

 Breakfast:  Apple muffins, protein smoothie
 Lunch:  PB & J sandwiches
 Dinner:    Refried Bean Enchiladas, veggie from freezer

 Breakfast:  Oatmeal, fruit
 Lunch:   PB & J sandwiches
 Dinner:  Chef’s Salad

 Breakfast:  Cereal, milk, toast & jam
 Lunch:  Pancakes

**  This weekly menu has been posted to Laura's blog "I'm an Organized Junkie"  I'm sure by now most of the blog world is familiar to Laura's Monday Menu planning.  You must stop by and see all of the great different contributions.  ** 


Amy said…
I rarely make every single meal on my menu plan, but it still helps me a lot to have a plan laid out for the week.

You can check out what we're eating HERE if you'd like. :)
im looking forward to the appler muffin recipe
i'd love if you visited my blog
you can check out my Menu Plan here
.:Bree:. said…
I'm visiting from OrgJunkie!

Thanks for the links! The sausage tortellini soup sounds awesome, and I'd love that Apple muffin recipe!

here is our menu this week

lisa9999 said…
A great menu. I usually manage 6 out of 7 meals from my menu. I am a big fan of apple muffins.
Tara said…
I do a menu every week but only for dinner. Great idea!!

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