You Say Tomato and I say Toemot-toe

We grew tomatoes this year.

Planted 6 Roma Tomatoes, 1 Cherry Tomato, and 1 Lemon Boy.

They survived this creature ~ the elusive tomato hornworm.

They survived not being watered for 12 days while we visited family in California.

They survived not being framed very well and falling over for most of the season.

They were an oddity this year. They grew so big around I couldn't touch my finger tips while hugging them. Ha-it makes me sound like I am a tree hugger.

They grew taller than me and I am 5'3".

They were late bloomers. Very late. I amstill preserving them.

I marinated some then dehydrated. Oh so delicious!!!

I canned some.

We ate a ton.

And now today I will roast and freeze some.

The cool thing no matter how many green tomatoes I pluck they will ripen in a couple of days just by leaving them on our island that is next to the kitchen window.

Being able to grow, preserve, and eat tomatoes we have grown ourselves is priceless.


Frannie said…
Love your tomato post. I too had a ton of tomatoes this season. They were wonderful. The Georgia heat didn't bother them..nor the lack or rain. And no worms either.
We ate them all. I love tomato sandwiches. Funny I know. But just tomato on bread with a bit of homemade mayo. Yum!
Stephanie said…
I finally moved to a house with a garden so next year I can grow my own tomatoes! I'm so excited!
Shannon said…
Frannie: I love tomato sandwiches too ~ they are so delicious with salt and pepper too:)

Stephanie: How exciting to have your own garden! Will you start from seed or purchase plants already started? It doesnt really matter either way it is so much fun ~ Enjoy!

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