Weekend Fun

We need things ~ no?

Things like coats and hats and scarfs and mittens etc.

But when I go to the store to look for such things I am not happy with what is found, the quality, or thinking about the people who made them and was barely paid a wage.

So I make them myself and am so much happier.

Here is my new hat.

It is crocheted using fingerweight yarn more precise Red Heart and Sole in Aloe. The pattern was super easy too. The pattern is from Coats and Clark. I learned a new stitch which was so much fun. It is so hard to find a hat that looks decent on my big head with big hair and this hat, even my husband says looks great.

Next I will be working on matching fingerless gloves.

I bought this pattern a couple of years ago, same with the fabric and never got around to making. I don't even know what company makes this pattern. It is a See and Sew pattern 5133.

But this year is different. This past weekend I cut the pattern out and the fabric and prepped it all for sewing up this week sometime. This definitely isn't my favorite part of sewing.

If this coat is as easy as it says then maybe I'll make another using a different color.

Hat, coat and now I will need a scarf and I'll be set for the fall and most of the winter.

And I made it all myself ~ way cool!


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