Mr. S and I had a "stay-cation" .

I looked so forward to these precious few days. He was in dire need of some good mental and physical unwinding. Me, I am in need of having Mr. S unwind.

I wasnt disappointed.

Why a "stay-cation"? Plan and simple money is tight. And well, we were too lazy to pack and drive anywhere. And we love our home. We wanted to be able to stay at our home without all the usual stuff going on.

I take a little pride in the fact that as a homemake I have created a home that we love to just hang out.

Because we stayed at home we decided it was important to set up some parameters after all it would be so easy to just fall into our normal routine and not achieve that relaxed-just- back-from-getting-away-feeling.

Whew run on sentence ~ some things never change.

For us the phones are a big deal. They are always ringing, all day and night long. I voted to hide them in the car so that we wouldn't listen to them ring at all but Mr. S reasoned that we do need to get messages especially in case of any emergency. True, so we just will turn them off and look for messages every once in awhile.

The other parameter set up is the first day Mr. G will do nothing except sleep, sleep, eat, and sleep.

And so it happened; the past few days, relaxing, spending time together, napping, watching movies, and most important filling up the reserve needed until our next "stay-cation".

You should really give one of these a try.


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