Something New

"Why do you blog?" my sister asked. "Is it because DH is gone for along time at work?"

"Uh, no. Its just fun!" But in reality thinking why don't your read or have a blog? But that is a sister for you!

Not that I have much to say. I usually am a lady of few words. I think a lot stuff but don't talk much.

But today I do have something to say and show you.

New items for my store and a couple of them are new items all together.

Like this blanket ~ 2D Zoo in blue along with minky.

I have other blankets and quilts too.

A new item is my crochet hook cozy roll.

Love making these, so much fun! They are great for a basic sewer/crafter.

A pattern is in the making for sewers/crafters who rather make them selve with their own fabric. I understand this totally I am one of those people who see something I like then have to make myself. I think it is an illness.

I also have some zippies that will be found at the store but I havent taken any pictures of them yet.

All of these will be posted throughout the week at hugs and kisses. Have to pace out all the handmade goodness!


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