Hump Day Highlights

Today I am just writing about a little bit of this and that. Nothing in particular.

Today is also Wednesday, otherwise known to many as Hump Day.

Put the two together and you get Hump Day Highlights!

I hope that everyone is having a great week or atleast a decent week.

** Barbie Doll has a new doll with a camera built in and she still has a fabulous figure! I loved playing with my Barbie Dolls growing up

**If you find some extra time on your hands give this quiz a try. It is a quiz for you to spot the fake logo. Real fun even though I stink at it~seriously

**I love kissing my husband and I recently found this cute article "10 Quirky Facts about Kissing" Fun read ~ smooch <3

**Congratulations to William and Kate ~ they are adorable!

**Read on Twitter that today is a day to spread the love with your Etsy friends by sending them a convo. Sorry cant figure out how to link to the tweet. But dont let that stop you:) Convo away!

**Speaking of friends…are you joining Jimmy Kimble today and unfriending your Facebook friends? I don't have Facebook so I am not and I dont know if I would anyway, I wouldnt want to offend anyone.

**I will be list new items at my store hugs and kisses all week. Gotta pitch my store too:)

**I don't condone stealing, however, if you are going to be a thief at least be a smart thief and not like B. Usher.

Enjoy the rest of your week:)


Southern Belle said…
Barbe + camera = interesting. I loved playing with my barbies when I was little as well. I did horrible on the quiz as well. I'm unfriending my FB friends. That 200+ I'd have to re-add. Didn't know putting your name on your license plate was the new way to rob Some people just aren't smart...

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