Fabric ~~ It's My Thing

Since I had not been selling on etsy for the past 1.5 years I also had not been buying fabric. There was no need. I window shopped all the time at my favorite online stores, mostly Fat Quarter Shop.

Is it still called window shopping if you are looking on the computer?

In southern Maryland we have the choice of either Hancock Fabrics, Joanne Fabrics, or our lqs, otherwise known as the local quilt store. Ours is Material Girls Shop. It is a family own and run business. Times have been rough with the economy and all, they are not immune.

I have felt bad that I have not done my part in supporting our lqs.

I believe I made up for that ~ or started too.

Do you buy fabric with something specific in mind so that there is a specific amount purchased? Or do you just buy for something or other in the future hoping you will have enough?

These purchases were the latter. Now what am I going to do?

How fun thinking of all the possibilities!!!!


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